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Thanks for visiting our web site.

Please allow us to introduce our selves; our company’s name is Sca Hungaria Kft..

The company was established just at the end of the last millennium, we work in the wood business; we deal with all kinds of wooden products. The firm’s Scandinavian tone name is because our main products are Swedish origin wooden goods; we import panels, sideboards, wooden floorings, OSB plywood and the well-known Swedish carpentry quality red and white wood. We are working very hard to bring to Hungary as much as possible of the traditional Swedish constructing techniques, styles and ideas.
We design and build the famous Finnish saunas and we offer all kinds of sauna accessories. Our group of carpenters and technicians are always ready to make your wooden made dreams come true.
Complete roofing materials and isolating systems are available to buy as well.
We have our own transport department, come and buy something at our department store and we deliver it to your doorstep.

So here we go, good quality products on competitive prices.
Come and pay a visit, you will be more than welcome.

If you would need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Call Adam Virag on: +36 209 291 367

E-mail us to: skandinav@skandinavfatelep.hu

Our address: Sca Hungaria Kft. / Skandináv Fatelep
2220 Vecsés, Széchenyi utca 68.
Tel./Fax: +
Mobil: +36.20.929.1367

Kind regards: Adam Virag
Managing Director
Sca Hungaria Kft.



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